A sustainable future

A Gade home is built to last

Before any house is built, we consider its immediate surroundings, to ensure both you and the local environment benefit from living there. We aim to capture what is distinctive and what defines the character of an area and build sensitively with materials that compliment the locality.


Climate change remains a key driver of planning policy and housing design and is at the heart of Gade’s thinking. Reducing carbon consumption through the design, build and living process is always our priority.

Open space

We work closely with landscape specialists to design open spaces that respond and are sensitive to the existing area while enhancing the quality of life of the people who use it. We look to create and retain as much green space around your home as possible. From areas rich with natural plant and animal life, to spaces specifically designed for children and families to play.


We believe all new houses should have positive impact on ecology and biodiversity. We focus on the introduction of green spaces which may include hedgerows, woodland, allotments and orchards and planting around sustainable drainage features. In turn this creates habitats for creatures to live.

Sustainable drainage

Where possible we design sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) – a practice of managing rainfall and surface water drainage for environmental benefit – in surrounding green spaces. This approach turns practical requirements into positive environmental and value-enhancing features.

Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) are found within our developments, often referred to as green infrastructure. This will not only advocate the pressure on surface water drainage systems but also allows for significant rainfall events. They also provide for wildlife habitation.