About Gade Homes

We’ve been here a long time…

Gade Homes, part of Gade Group, has been developing properties for over 50 years. Independent and entrepreneurial, our excellent reputation is built through honesty and integrity.

Building with experience.

First in operation in the 1950s Gade Homes is still within the same family. The company has built on its historic foundations and experience to affirm its name as a forward-thinking housebuilder with excellent attention to detail, building high-quality homes.

Building quality.

Our vision is simple, to build excellent quality houses that make beautiful homes. Every single Gade Homes property the result of rigorous thought and planning, considering what consumers need and the environment we build in. From the size and layout, the choice of brick, to your kitchen taps, we plough our experience into building outstanding houses in great locations that our customers want and love.

Building for you.

Your vision is important, and your input is essential, so when you buy from Gade, you can make additions to personalise your home. Work with our team to tailor your kitchen, bathroom or garden to your perfect vision. Whether it’s your dream flooring, a garden office, can’t-live-without appliance or more, bring your ideas to us and we’ll bring a great solution for your bespoke home.