A lasting future

From the inception of every scheme, Gade Homes designs and builds for a lasting future. In the first stages of development, our designers consider each detail minutely to reflect our sustainable vision, ensuring the architecture and landscape in every development’s design truly creates places for people. Our schemes take a holistic approach promoting walking and cycling to enable a healthy lifestyle and connect communities. Gade homeowners can enjoy the benefits of the natural environment we have created around their home.


Habitat provision is key to enhancing the quality of the natural world that exists around our developments. While this can take many forms, frequently planting new trees or orchards and providing for green passages to flourish, promotes and enhances flora and fauna. Where possible, we include allotments, which not only promotes biodiversity but offers great community benefit.

Carbon reduction

Gade homes are built with low carbon energy features including carbon offset. This may include the installation of photovoltaic panels to assist with the provision of energy or the use of heat pumps which ensure heating is produced through a carbon efficient method. Homes feature charging points for electric cars and a reduction in water consumption is promoted as standard. Other measures such as indoor air quality and daylight are well considered through the design stages. For example, we design for optimal levels of air tightness and thermal insulation which is captured through the use of specific materials and quality control in the build stages.

Building fabric

Where possible we use natural materials from renewable local sources. This is through collaboration with our exclusive supply chain, innovation in research and design and forecasting on minimalising waste on site.